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Thursday, 5 October 2017

May's car crash.

Frida Kahlo, Self-Portrait, 1940. See discussi...
Frida Kahlo, Self-Portrait, 1940. See discussion of her works below. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  1. Notwithstanding the P45, the broken voice and the falling F her clever new director of publicity had hit on the idea of plagiarising the "American dream" by trying to pronounce her ideas on the "British dream" which was dropped into her speech to replace the, "strong and stable" farce, on every possible occasion. Sadly the dream turned into a nightmare and to add to the theatre this clever advisor was obviously completely unaware that her showy bracelet contained self portraits of her antithesis, the Mexican communist activist and girlfriend of Trotsky Frida Kahlo. You couldn't make it up

 This caring camouflage contrasts strongly with what is happening at the  street level battlefield where the cuts are damaging all aspects of our lives from food banks to patients lying on hospital beds. Caring my arse as Jim Royle would say.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Be very, very frightened if Boris Johnson

the ranting right wing extremist, working in a terrorist coalition, ever, ever gets his finger on the nuclear button.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Why I shall be voting for the Labour Party on Thursday June the 8th.

Clement Attlee meeting with King George VI in ...
Clement Attlee meeting with King George VI in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, following the Labour victory in the 1945 general election. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  I am old enough to remember, just after WW II, being ill as a child and how proud my mother was that a Labour government had established the National Health Service and that she could call a GP in to examine me, in our home, for free.
 I can also remember standing, in 1951, on a busy railway station at Wootton Bassett Junction ( shut down many, many years ago now, by the Conservatives ) with a few pals to meet the train carrying people home from work with home made placards with "VOTE LABOUR"  painted on them. I was seven years old and we did this on our own initiative with the wording dripping with runny paint which I had found in my father's shed. Clement Attlee had long been canonised in my home along with Aneurin Bevan who had fought so hard against a reluctant BMA to give birth to the NHS.
 Despite having the majority of the popular vote Labour lost that election and although young I felt the hurt then that I have felt many times since when decency, justice and fairness are rejected and evil triumphs.
English: Iraq War Protesters in Parliament Square
English: Iraq War Protesters in Parliament Square (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 Many years later I felt that same hurt when, of all things, a Labour government, led by Tony Blair, illegally invaded Iraq and set of a chain of murder and destruction, bombing killing, hunger and dreadful terrorist vengeance that is happening on our streets to this day.
 That Attlee government created the foundations of the welfare state, nationalised the railways, steel and coal and ensured that  cheap gas, electricity and water were provided by the public sector.
 The troops, who had returned from the second World War, and the hundreds of thousands still overseas were determined to end the scourge of poverty and unemployment that had haunted the 1930s and unexpectedly rejected Churchill in favour of change for a better and more compassionate Britain.
President Kennedy and Prime Minister MacMillia...
President Kennedy and Prime Minister MacMillian meeting at the Key West Naval Station on March 27, 1961. Photo by Don Pinder. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 Although the Tories returned to power in the 1950s and early 1960s theirs was a patrician party led by honourable men like Harold Macmillan, who too had seen the horrors of the pre war days, and ruled on a consensus basis labelled "Butskillism" which was a term used in British politics to refer to the political consensus formed in the 1950s and associated with the exercise of office as Chancellor of the Exchequer by Rab Butler of the Conservative Party and Hugh Gaitskell of the Labour Party.
 Then after a long period of Tory rule Harold Wilson won the 1964 election. He has become the forgotten man of 20th century politics but his government introduced far-reaching social reforms which included:-

the foundation of the Open University;

the decriminalisation of sex between men in private; 

the liberalisation of laws affecting obscene publications;

extending the franchise with the reduction of the voting age from twenty-one to eighteen:

the ending of capital punishment;

the equal pay act;

the abolishment of censorship in the theatre;

despite tremendous pressure from the Americans he refused to send British troops to Vietnam; 

he held the first referendum on membership of the EU;

he was the first Prime Minister, since WW2, to proudly be able to tell the House of Commons that not a single British soldier had died in action anywhere in the world during the previous twelve months.

He also gave us a national holiday to celebrate May Day and his coming to power in 1964 heralded the birth of the swinging sixties and in 1966 we won The World Cup.

 When Thatcher came to power in 1979 she tried to  took a wrecking ball to much of this ruining whole communities and the  livelihoods of many. She and Reagan and successive government  in the words of Harold Macmillan, "sold off the family silver" in an orgy for the rich and powerful which Shamus Cooke defined succinctly as follows, "The essence of neoliberalism can be reduced to the following: government should be used exclusively to help big business and the wealthy with tax cuts, subsidies, privatizations, anti-labour laws, etc., while all government programs that help working and poor people should be eliminated. It’s really that simple.”   
 Now once again I have the opportunity, probably for the last time in my life, to vote in a truly reforming Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn who will transform this country from a divided and shoddy land of terrorism, cuts and food banks. Not only will they invest in our outdated roads,  rail system and infrastructure, and in so doing create millions of jobs and opportunities for British companies, but they have carefully costed the following programme (to be paid for by the richest 5% and an increase in corporation tax) which will give people hope and opportunity for the future, and dignity in old age:-

 1. Schools: increasing funding and providing free school meals and arts pupils premium.

2. Skills: introducing free further education tuition, equalising 16-19 funding and restoring EMA childcare and early years including more money for sure start. Removing university tuition fees and restoring maintenance grants.

 3.  Health and Social Care: Improve NHS spending and the provision for social care. Restore nurses' bursaries.

4. Work & Pensions: increase ESA by £30 pw for those in the work related activity group, scrap bedroom tax, implement the PiP legal ruling, restore Housing Benefit for under 21s, scrap Bereavement Support Payment reforms, £2 billion of additional funding for Universal Credit, uprate Carers' Allowance to the level of JSA.
 Double paternity pay and leave.
 Guarantee pensions tri[le lock, extend Pension Credit to those affected by changes to their state pension age since the 1995 Pensions Act.

5. Lift public sector pay cap. Introduce a Real Living Wage of at least £10 by 2020 with net scale benefits ringfenced to provide support to small businesses.

6. Recruit an additional 10,ooo police officers and provide additional border guards.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

June is coming, May will soon be over.

Well, well the biggest own goal of the election campaign. The Tory manifesto, launched in Halifax, by PM May on 18 May has revealed, with its attack on the elderly and school children, that they are still the Nasty Party. There were many ironies about, what was for the Conservative party, Wobbly Thursday, not the least of which was the pathetic image of an entire cabinet of ministers, who were filed in and out again into Bleak Hall looking like silenced Trappist monks, gloomily watching on whilst the head girl passed sentence on them.
 To pile irony on irony this team of Brexiteers were transported through a hostile and jeering mob of Halifax Town supporters on what the number plate revealed, was the campaign bus used by the Remainers during last July's EU referendum. As Harold Wilson once said, "A week is a long time in politics".

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Laura Kuenssberg and the BBC guilty of impartiality and inaccurate reporting.

 In January 2017 the BBC Trust ruled that a report in November 2015 by Kuenssberg broke the broadcaster’s impartiality and accuracy guidelines. A viewer had complained about her item, which featured an interview with Jeremy Corbyn on the BBC News at Six which was edited to give the incorrect impression that Corbyn disagreed with the use of firearms by police in incidents such as that month's terrorist attacks in Paris. His purported answer to a question as broadcast in the report was in fact his reply to a different (unbroadcast) question, not specifically about that terrorist attack. The BBC Trust said that the inaccuracy was "compounded" when Kuenssberg went on to state that Corbyn's message "couldn't be more different" to that of the prime minister Theresa May, who was about to publish anti-terrorism proposals. The Trust said that accuracy was particularly important when dealing "with a critical question at a time of extreme national concern". Information courtesy of Wikipedia.

 Despite this the lady, who emanates from the British ruling classes, is amazingly fronting up the BBC's political news coverage of the general election. So far she continues with her bias and inaccurate reporting of the Labour Party's campaign and surprise, surprise has been given the task of following Theresa May (the one that let immigration triple during her tenure at the Home Office) around the country. So far she has not asked the PM a difficult question (that duty, so far, been left to a disabled lady who confronted May over her loss of benefits in Abingdon marketplace). Instead immediately following the PM's undisturbed air time Kuenssberg is seen in a vox pop situation where she seems to find almost exclusively voters who are parroting May's views.

 Oh for a Robin Day or a Paxo, in his prime, who would not have been content to give the PM a free ticket, but instead would be grilling and torching the robotic Ice Maiden. Staged appearances and two word slogans suffice for her but when exposed to the general public she shows her lack of empathy and sympathy towards real human beings.